Lo Cortés No Quita Lo Gallardo

Being classical does not eliminate the flemish or popular vein.
It means that rigor does not argue with intuition.

Ser clásico no elimina la vena flamenca o popular.
Significa que el rigor no discute con la intuición.

Center Europe Tour 2018

14-06 Linz - concert
15-06 Viena - workshop 
16-06 Viena - private concert
18-06 Tirana - workshop 
19-06 Tirana - concert
21-06 Bucarest - concert
25-06 Bratislava - concert
27-06 Brno - concert
29-06 Balaton - concert
30-06 Budapest - concert


Video presentation


1 Del Sacromonte al Porvenir

2 Arbol de la bella sombra

3 Jabonero de la China

4 Noches de San Lorenzo (Preludio-Fuego-Plaza)

5 Nuestros Mayores

6 Adagio Flamenco, Aire de la Cueva

7 Bulería del 28

8 Nanas de la Esperanza

9 Amargura

10 Silverio, ¡Qué Flamenco!


National Critics Award "Flamenco Hoy" to the Best Guitar Album 2015.

*"Lo Cortes No Quita Lo Gallardo" is a perfect symbiosis between the Classical and Flamenco Guitars. José María Gallardo del Rey and Miguel Ángel Cortés, heirs of a hermetic tradition in each case, are the most ambitious guitar players of recent guitar duos. 

With their music and natures open, they propose to demolish some walls of spanish sillar. The union of these exceptional guitarists shows us that the branches of both worlds, the flamenco guitar and the classical guitar, rooted in the common trunk of the Spanish Guitar, from which flow twin brothers, styles and expressions but with the same soul and the same strength.

The characteristic interpretative strength of each of these formidable guitarists, generate a dialogue, that exhales all the expressive power, the feeling and the identity of our guitar.

El País: "A dialogue between two ways of feeling the guitar".

Guitar Fair Magazine: "Possibly one of the best guitar duos ever".

International Flamenco Chanel: "One more step on the difficult throne of Spanish Guitar".

English dossier
English dossier
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Spanish dossier
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